IBIZA BEACH RETREAT: a blessing for your body and soul

DATES: 7 to 14 JULY 2017   PRICE: 499.- Euro including accommodation, OR 299,- Euro excluding accommodation.

LOCATION: Camping area 'La Playa', Es Canar, Ibiza, and other locations in that area.


In this Ibiza week program we make contact with the core rythms in ourselves. Enjoy Yoga, Dance, Music, Rhythm and Percussion. Enjoy Ibizas nature and your own nature. In this week we experience conscious movement and group resonance.The retreat is open to everybody who loves moving, rhythm and nature.

Workshops and classes in the retreat

  • Yoga (Nicolette)

  • Nia Dance (Nicolette)

  • Pilates (Nicolette)

  • Massage (Nicolette & Pradeep)

  • African Percussion (Pradeep)

  • Group Rhythm Development (Pradeep)

  • Dynamic Meditation (Pradeep)

All classes are spread out over the week according to the day theme. You are free to attend to all classes or to a selection. We also use methods from shamanism, emotional bodywork, NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), groupdynamics, life coaching and more.


Structure of the retreat Alt

The week has a structure in accordance with the five elements of nature:


install your sleeping spot, openingscircle, getting to know eachother


grounding ourselves and experience the tribal rythms of the earth … with our bare feet!


reconnect with with our emotions and sensitivity...in he sea!


experience your fire, your personal power and the group energy … with the Fire Dance!


experience your Life Rhytm and Resonance with communication … using Sound!


integration of all the Elements. Feeling the Oneness with Movement and Rhythm of Nature. Experience Resonance in your Life.

Final Party

Chill or Dance with Life Music and Percussion.

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Camping La Playa Ibiza

Avenida Punta Arabi s/n,

Playa Cala Martina,

07849 Es canar


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Ibiza : +34 6 92 15 15 06

The Netherlands: +31 6 22 32 43 02

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In Nederland: contact Nicolette

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